1966 Intermec founded
1969 Invented the 1st handheld order-entry terminal
1971 Introduced 1st portable bar code scanner and on-demand bar code label printer
1972 Created the 1st computerized cash register
1974 Invented Code 39, Code 11 (‘78), Code 49 (‘87)
1979 Pioneered use of hand-held computers to perform accounting functions for wholesale route distributors
1981 Introduced first on-demand direct thermal bar code printer
1982 Invented the "Smart Battery" used in most laptops, camcorders and other mobile devices
1983 Introduced Interactive Reader Language* (IRL), a powerful user program development tool.
This was the first time local prompting and editing could be done for bar code data entry and allowed a simple PC, rather than a large mainframe, to run an application
1984 Invented the removable hard drive used in most laptops and servers
1985 Developed first radio data network and moved on to become a leading supplier of radio frequency systems for local area networks
1987 Invented Code 49, the first 2D stacked bar code symbology, useful for extremely smallspace applications
1989 Invented "Pocket RF" product category
1990 Introduced 1st high-speed wide area scanning technology and first spread spectrum radio frequency data communication technology
1991 Invented the Personal Area Network
1993 Introduced first product family to combine industrial data collection capability with the latest in PC technology
1993 Perfected the first pen-based handheld computer with desktop PC performance
1994 1st data collection technology with 2.4 GHz wireless LAN and the first fully-automatic digital camera for non-contact image capture and decoding with an integrated computer
1994 Achieved ISO 9002 certification
1995 Introduced the first handheld 2D Matrix bar code scanner
1995 Achieved ISO 9001 certification
1995 Introduced 400 dpi printing technology
1996 Developed the first multi-radio access point capable of supporting two radio technologies simultaneously
1999 Introduced the first complete wireless LAN incorporating the IEEE 802.11 standard, the first Windows® CE-based data collection PC, Intellitag® family of RFID products, first scanner to read both bar codes and RFID tags, and the 1st Windows-based handheld with RFID
2001 Integrate the GSM technolgy within 1st generation handheld
2001 Named Microsoft Corp.'s OEM Embedded Partner of the Year
2002 1st colour handheld pc on the market: 700 color
2003 New wireless/mobile launches new series of rugged range of handheld pc for Automatic data collection mkt