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Application Briefs

Find the Right Media for Your Application

Intermec offers a mix of media products to address the requirements of many specific industry applications. From food service distribution to horticultural applications to sew-in law and UL component labeling, Intermec has a media solution to fit your need.

With Intermec thermal printers, our labels and tags can be custom-imaged on-site to meet immediate needs in the quantities required, eliminating long lead times and costly obsolescence. Colorful pre-printing can add logos, full-tint color, or provide simple solutions for large production quantities that do not need variable print.

Our media solutions are offered at acompetitive price that compliments the exceptional performance Intermec labels offer. This ensures thatour customers will have the quality product they need for their supply chain requirements.

Application Briefs Listing

  • RFID Labeling for Returnable Transport Items (RTI's)
    RTI location and tracking through the use of RFID provides accurate management and real time visibility of valuable containers and the critical components they contain.
  • RFID Labeling for Document Management
    The non-line of sight document tracking that RFID labels provide automates previously sluggish and inefficient document and data tracking systems by enabling fast location and access control resulting in better use of personnel resources.
  • Security Labeling
    Counterfeit goods can tarnish positive perception in the marketplace, while gray market redistribution can undermine pricing and profitability. The comprehensive suite of security media products from Intermec by Honeywell can strengthen defenses against these threats.
  • RFID Labeling for Retail
    The integration of RFID into supply chain and store level operations could provide opportunities to make significant gains in speed and accuracy as well as multi-channel inventory management.
  • Scanning China Compulsory Certificate Automotive Labels
    This certified imaging solution has vastly improved the speed and accuracy of capturing the CCC label content on the production line and eliminated the slow-downs associated with label reading.
  • Air Cargo Container (ULD) Scanning
    Air cargo companies manage thousands of unit load device (ULD) containers each day. Tracking the location of each ULD is a mandatory requirement for their transportation logistics and overall supply chain operations. Intermec's imaging software solution enables scanning the human-readable codes to produce considerable man-hour savings and improved recording accuracy.
  • Trailer Scanning for Yard Management
    Scanning trailer numbers for input into a yard management system is one of the imaging solutions offered by Intermec. The software-based solution can automatically capture the unique trailer number whether vertical or horizontal, and transfer the data directly into a yard management system, reducing their error prone manual key entry.
  • Scanning Shipping Container Codes
    Scanning Intermodal Container or shipping container codes is one of the imaging solutions offered by Intermec. Tracking the location of shipping containers is often mandatory and labor-intensive. Intermec's software imaging solution can capture both vertical and horizontal human-readable codes and digitally convert them without any issues.

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