Consumer Goods
Access to realtime information and data remains a growing concern in the Consumer Goods market. With over 40 years of experience in data collection automation and over 10 years of experience in RFID solutions and services, your company can rely on Intermec to automate your supply chain today and provide a migration path for your future supply chain needs. See how companies like yours are realizing the benefits of automated data collection by clicking on our case studies shown below.
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Main applications
(WIP, Quality Control,Traceability)
Handheld Computer Wi-Fi
Sales Force Automation (Route Accounting, Pre-sales, Home Delivery)
Handheld Computer GSM-GPRS
Warehouse Management (Goods Receving, Allocations, Picking and Shipping)
Barcode Printers Wi-FI, Mobile, Labels
In Store Application (Replenishemet, Inventory)
Handheld Computer Wi-Fi

CASE STUDY - San Pellegrino -Nestlé Aquarel Service - Italy
One dispenser leads to the next: easy delivery of “large containers” with Intermec 700
computer Nestlé Aquarelservice is a division of Sanpellegrino S.p.A., today the Nestlé Group. Founded in 2002, its goal is to develop the distribution of mineral water using the system of “fontanelle”, more widely known as “boccioni” (large water containers).
Application: Wireless Store, Mobile Force Automation
Products: Handheld 700
Case study (PDF 271 KB)
CASE STUDY - Danish Crown Amba - Denmark
Functionality in employees' hands
Danish Crown Amba, combed the market for hand-held terminals, before choosing to invest in a solution: the slaughterhouse now works online from hand-held terminals harnessing the business’s SAP functionality.
Application: Warehouse
Products: Handheld 6400
Case study (PDF 101 KB)
CASE STUDY - Ringnes
Pocket PC helps service technicians at Ringnes Brewery
Ringnes Brewery in Norway has service technicians who visit the brewery’s restaurant customers for various service tasks. Their administrative work has been made easier with the help of Intermec’s ruggedised handheld computer, the 720 Pocket PC.
Application: Vending
Products: Handheld 720
Case study (PDF 450 KB)
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