Competitive environments require you to pull every ounce of productivity and efficiency from employees and internal systems in your manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Intermec's data collection automation systems significantly simplify that job for you by easily tracking parts and finished goods from the factory to the warehouse, seamlessly interfacing with your warehouse management and enterprise resource planning systems.
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Main applications
Barcode Printers, Labels
Warehouse Management
Barcode Printers, Mobile Handheld Wi-Fi, Vehicle Mount
Work In Process
Mobile Handheld Batch o Wi-Fi
Work Force Automation
Stationary PC Batch o Wi-Fi

When millions of pounds worth of equipment is lying around the country, there is a huge risk of loss in terms of money, time and the equippment itself
Keeping track of the millions of pounds worth of assets around the country is a necessity to Orange, which runs one of the UK’s most advanced digital mobile networks.
Application: Distribution Management
Products: Handheld 6400 with laser scanner
Case study (PDF 388 KB)
CASE STUDY - Bayer AG - Germany
Intermec ScanPlus 1800 Vista offer Bayer AG high plant equipment performance
Fine company: 11 robots and the Intermec ScanPlus 1800 Vista offer Bayer AG high plant equipment performance and absolute safety for the distribution of research substances in its agricultural centre at Monheim.
Application: Industrial & Logistic Management
Products: Scanner 1800
Case study (PDF 222 KB)
CASE STUDY - Johnson Controls - USA
Global player Johnson Controls is on the way to centrally-controlled production with the help of Intermec wireless data technology.
Until recently Johnson Controls co-ordinated its sourcing and production processes using a Unix-based JTDS-System (Just-In-Time Delivery System) developed specifically for the company. However, this system was no longer capable of coping with increased process-control demands and associa-ted data transmission and processing.
Application: Work In Process Management
Products: Handheld 5020, Sabre Scanner 1551
Case study (PDF 230 KB)
CASE STUDY - Joe Bloggs - UK
Intermec & JBA deliver stock accuracy and warehouse productivity advances to Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs’ meteoric rise to prominence brought with it a reasonable amount of warehousing and distribution dilemmas.Any solution would therefore need to be dynamic, accurate and reliable to match the hectic pace of the company’s growing operations.
Application: Warehouse Management
Products: Server DCS300, Handheld T2425 RF , Printer 3400
Case study (PDF 50 KB)
CASE STUDY - Steripack
Track and trace is critical to health
Working within the healthcare industry, SteriPack needs to be able to meet very strict customer criteria : needs to reduce errors, to improve traceability, to enhance stock control, to improve customer relations and to increase productivity.
Application: Warehouse Management, Customer Management
Products: Handheld 2425 RF
Case study (PDF KB)
CASE STUDY - Motorola
M o t o r o l a B C S
At Motorola BCS a wireless data capture system supplied by Intermec has considerably reduced costs in data analysis and the processing of warranty claims.
Application: Warranty Claims Management
Products: Antares 2425
Case study (PDF 70 KB)
CASE STUDY - Novo Nordisk
Novo Nordisk choose reliability
For two years Novo Nordisk has taken advantage of products from Intermec to manage the many tonnes of raw materials,packaging, and finished products stored in the pharmaceutical company’s warehouses.
Application: Warehouse and Quality Control
Products: Handheld 2425 , Vehicle Mount 2455, Handheld 2415
Case study (PDF 99 KB)
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