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Intermec and Ruckus Wireless: Wi-Fi, But Smarter

Ruckus Wireless: Simply Better WirelessWireless now plays an essential role within warehouses and modern supply chain operations to both increase efficiency and reduce costs. Intermec and Ruckus Wireless combine the leading workflow performance company with simply better wireless connectivity to enable more efficient and high performance warehouse and distribution centers (DCs). The combination of Intermec's world-class wireless computers, RFID, and barcode technologies, with innovative Smart Wi-Fi technology from Ruckus Wireless delivers longer-range, higher performance and more reliability wireless connectivity to vital business applications.

Simply Better WI-Fi for Reliable, High Performance Connectivity

At the heart of all Ruckus Wireless products is patent Smart Wi-Fi technology. This technology innovation combines a revolutionary adaptive antenna array that continuously optimizes each client connection – bypassing interference and obstacles that cause dropped packets and erratic Wi-Fi behavior. By focusing RF energy only where it's needed, Ruckus adaptive antenna array technology delivers stronger signals in more places with the most powerful Wi-Fi transmission capabilities and receive sensitivities on the market. This translates into fewer access points and improved performance.

Adapting to Constant Change

Within the warehousing market there's one constant: CHANGE. Unlike conventional Wi-Fi technology, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi automatically adapts the transmission and reception of Wi-Fi signals based on the changing orientation of handheld devices. Polarization diversity, combined with maximal ratio combining (PD-MRC) ensure unprecedented performance and connectivity as workers and their devices constantly move around.

For additional information on Intermec's alliance with Ruckus Wireless, please contact us or visit the Ruckus Wireless website.

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