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Developer Library


The Tools and Resources to Get the Job Done

Whether building smart client applications for mobile computers, web applications for mobile browsers, or software for RFID readers, the Intermec Developer Library (IDL) provides developers with tools and resources to get the job done quickly and easily. Choose from standard development tools like Microsoft Visual Studio, rapid application development tools and a variety of device utilities to create in-premise or in-field software solutions for Intermec computers and peripherals.

  • SDKs for Android
    SDKs for Android »
    Empower your software by using the Intermec SDK for Android™ to create innovative applications that incorporate the latest mobile, printing and data collection technologies. The Intermec SDK for Android includes tools and resources that leverage functionality unique to Intermec’s Android mobile computers.
  • SDKs for iOS
    SDKs for iOS »
    Add innovative AIDC capabilities to your iOS® based mobile devices. Print labels and receipts on Honeywell printers. Honeywell SDKs for iOS include tools and resources to take time and complexity out of application development.
  • SDKs for Microsoft Windows
    SDKs for Microsoft Windows »
    Build innovative applications for Intermec computers, printers and RFID that incorporate the latest mobile, communication and data collection technologies. Intermec SDKs for Windows® include tools and resources to take time and complexity out of application development.
  • SDKs for Web
    SDKs for Web »
    Turbocharge your software with Intermec's implementation of the Data Collection Web API. Build cutting edge JavaScript applications that include functionality unique to Intermec's Android™ and Windows® based mobile computers.
  • WWAN Toolkit
    WWAN Toolkit »
    For use with standard development tools, Intermec's WWAN Toolkit takes the complexity out of adding communications functionality to mobile applications that communicate over GSM and CDMA networks. Shorten your development cycles and reduce your system testing requirements by using tried and true functions.  You don’t have to be a communications expert to build apps that use wireless voice and data.

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