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Intermec Imaging Software Solution



The Third Pillar of Automated Data Collection: Imaging Software Solution

Intermec’s Imaging Software Solution reduces errors and improves efficiency by automating the collection of character-based, human-readable data in a wide variety of formats, including: license plates, vehicle identification numbers (VINs), truck trailers, shipping and air cargo containers, and utility meters, as well as paper documents and labels.

What it Does: Scan Practically Anything

When you need the accuracy and efficiency of traditional barcode scanning or RFID, yet are constrained to track assets that use identifiers comprised of letters, numbers, and characters, you may think that automating your data collection isn’t an option. Think again.

Using an Intermec mobile computer with our Imaging Software Solution, you need only scan human-readable characters to have the data automatically fed into your system. This provides a much more efficient process that reduces errors associated with manual key entry, and introduces correction capability early in your workflow.

How it Works: Dynamic Imaging Meets Powerful Processing

A combination of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, powerful imagers, and the processing horsepower of Intermec mobile computers is what drives this solution. The Imaging Software Solution rapidly reads and interprets human-readable character strings in numerous formats, as well as entire blocks of text. Once scanned, the captured and interpreted data can be easily integrated into line-of-business applications, thus ensuring that complete and accurate data enters your systems.

Even if your tracking processes require you to capture several different formats of identifiers, such as license plates and trailer numbers, only one Imaging Software Solution license is required on your Intermec mobile computer. Furthermore, whenever your processes require it, Intermec mobile computers can seamlessly transition between reading 1D and 2D barcodes as well as RFID tags.

Why Customers Love It: Faster, More Accurate Data

In short, the Intermec Imaging Software Solution gets data into your system faster, speeding up your ability to respond to inquiries from customers and supply-chain partners, and ultimately, enabling you to initiate invoicing sooner.

If you previously ruled out barcodes and RFID as a way to automate data capture for your key tracking data, then Intermec Imaging Software is just the solution you’ve been seeking. It’s the third pillar of automated data collection.

Real-World Results: Find Out How Customers Use Intermec Imaging Software

Aspects of your supply chain operations may require you to track assets that you don’t own or that must adhere to a pre-established identification scheme. The assets may even transition to operations that aren’t automated, and rely on human-readable identifiers for tracking purposes. Read how these companies overcame similar challenges, boosting both their productivity and their accuracy with the Intermec Imaging Software Solution.
  • Scanning Shipping Container Codes
    Scanning Shipping Container Codes »
    A European shipping company believed they couldn’t automate their weekly collection of 7000 shipping container codes because half of them were vertically oriented. Now, their “walkers” are on a roll.
  • VIN Scanning in Ports
    VIN Scanning in Ports »
    VIN scanning brought man hour savings to this shipping company responsible for processing new vehicles that enter and exit their local port by way of ships, trains and trucks.
  • Trailer Scanning for Yard Management
    Trailer Scanning for Yard Management »
    Learn how this large retailer resolved issues associated with their manual recording process of trailer numbers and estimates considerable man-hour savings and improved trailer number recording accuracy.
  • Airline Cargo Container (ULD) Scanning
    Airline Cargo Container (ULD) Scanning »
    Scanning air cargo containers (ULD) with the Intermec Imaging Software Solution helped this air cargo company reduced their error prone manual key entry and increased processing efficiencies.
  • Scanning China Compulsory Certificate Automotive Labels
    Scanning China Compulsory Certificate Automotive Labels »
    This certified imaging solution has vastly improved the speed and accuracy of capturing the CCC label content on the production line and eliminated the slow-downs associated with label reading.
  • Barcode Decoding
    Barcode Decoding »
    Honeywell Scanning & Mobility licenses high-performance image processing software specializing in barcode decoding and recognition for integration into imaging products such as high-speed cameras, hand held area scanners, page scanners, postal sorting systems, and package handling systems.