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1D Imagers


Leveraging the Industry's Most Powerful Scan Engines Couldn't be Easier

Intermec's high performance 1D scan engines provide top-of-the-line linear-imaging data capture to meet the needs of manufacturers in a wide variety of bar code scanning scenarios. Engine compatibility and ease of integration have been the priorities for Intermec scan engines, with an emphasis on compact size, multiple mounting possibilities, low-power operation, and standard interfaces.
  • EV10 Scan Engine
    EV10 Scan Engine »
    The Intermec EV10 High Performance APS Scan Engine is ideal for OEM applications, both portable and fixed devices, where scanner integration space is limited. With a high scan rate and a large depth of field, the EV10 can read even the most elusive bar codes in any lighting condition.
  • EV14 Scan Engine
    EV14 Scan Engine »
    The EV14 is ideal for OEM applications where space is limited for scanner integration in both portable and fixed devices - including handheld terminals, PDAs, PC and cell phone peripherals, lottery terminals, time and attendance terminals, automated access control, sorting machines and more.
  • EV15 Scan Engine
    EV15 Scan Engine »
    Combining compact size and exceptional scanning performance, the EV15 is the decoded version of the Intermec best-selling EV10 engine. The EV15 is based on the Intermec patented bi-linear CMOS sensor using state-of-the-art Active Pixel Sensor (APS) technology.

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