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IA33A Circularly Polarized Panel

The IA33A antenna is circularly polarized panel antenna and is appropriate for use in indoor, FCC regulated environments. It can be used to support all fixed RFID readers and vehicle mount readers for some applications.


Product Profile

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Product Overview

Joining the diversified line of RFID readers are the Intermec RFID antennas. The RFID antenna family offers a variety of gain, polarization and radiation pattern options. This antenna is designed for fixed and some vehicle mount applications.

This circularly polarized patch antenna is designed to increase signal reception in environments where there is a presence of multipath and high scattering.

Find the Right RFID Antenna for Your Needs

For full specifications, and to find the right RFID antenna for your application and environment, download our comprehensive antenna-specification table: RFID Antenna Specification Comparisons (XLS) »

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