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Industry Solutions

Consumer Goods

Improving Operations From Order to Delivery

Consumer goods manufacturers face tighter margins and ever-higher expectations from distributors, retailers and consumers. On-time delivery to the right destination is critical to customer satisfaction and managing inventory levels. These demands require new, more productive and accurate approaches to controlling and managing products as they move through the supply chain.

Intermec rugged mobile computing, bar code and RFID solutions provide the edge you need to achieve more timely and accurate store delivery, build a stronger brand image, improve plant utilization, lower inventory costs and make substantial improvements to your overall operations.

Our systems help you to tightly manage the order from the time it's placed all the way to the customer.

  • Food Traceability
    Food Traceability »
    Food-traceability solutions are particularly imperative – and effective – for achieving rapid responses to potential product recalls. Intermec food-traceability programs using hands-free Vocollect Voice technology are designed to meet these needs while containing and even reducing costs.
  • Distribution Center
    Distribution Center »
    Intermec's rugged data-collection solutions using hands-free Vocollect Voice technology are designed to interface easily and seamlessly with your WMS / ERP system, thus providing you comprehensive real-time visibility into your inventory and warehouse operations.
  • Maintenance and Field Service
    Maintenance and Field Service »
    Intermec handheld computers and printers give mobile workers the ability to access customer data, record service activities, issue receipts and track inventory, increasing first-call closure rate and customer satisfaction.
  • Direct Store Delivery
    Direct Store Delivery »
    Intermec products help maximize sales opportunities at the customer level by providing access to key product and account information, up-to-date special pricing, electronically updated route books, and DEX in real time.
  • Field Sales and Merchandising
    Field Sales and Merchandising »
    Intermec's mobile computers with integrated cameras, time stamps and GPS can validate that displays are built, selling areas are restocked, and product is priced correctly and properly merchandised.
  • Fleet Management
    Fleet Management »
    Intermec mobile technologies enable customers to speed up their operations, reduce errors and even schedule route drivers for extra pickups without negatively impacting delivery schedules.
  • Manufacturing Operations
    Manufacturing Operations »
    Intermec data collection and marking devices handle labor-intensive assembly tasks to optimize and track operations from beginning to end.
  • Compliance Labeling and Tagging
    Compliance Labeling and Tagging »
    Intermec labeling solutions enable customers to meet virtually any compliance-labeling requirement, streamlining their processes and improving customer service.

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