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Industry Solutions

Field Service

Accelerate Productivity and Cash Flow with Field Service Mobility

Delivering superior service in a timely manner is the key to success for field-service operations. Intermec solutions ensure that everyone in the organization – from mobile workers to management – have the most accurate and timely information available to make more informed decisions, respond faster to customers and drive higher productivity from the field.

Our wireless handheld computers and software provide accurate, real-time information across the entire service chain – from factory floor to front door.

Intermec is the most trusted name in field service automation, with more systems implemented than anyone else. Our solutions free up mobile workers to do what they do best – service the customer.

  • Work Order Management
    Work Order Management »
    Intermec wireless mobile systems keep field technicians connected to the enterprise and accelerate the flow of business-critical information across the entire service chain.
  • Dispatch Operations
    Dispatch Operations »
    Intermec products provide dynamic, real-time management of field workers to respond to customer orders or to quickly navigate capacity and resource issues.
  • Route Optimizing and Tracking
    Route Optimizing and Tracking »
    Intermec computing and wide-area wireless technologies supply the information that companies need to make route optimization and tracking applications perform, providing technicians with driving directions to reduce travel time and warehousemen with inventory locations to improve product availability and accessibility.
  • Inventory Asset Optimization
    Inventory Asset Optimization »
    Intermec automation provides immediate visibility to inventory enabling companies to improve forecasting, balance stocking levels and respond quickly to immediate demands.
  • Resource Optimization
    Resource Optimization »
    Intermec time and attendance solutions enable companies to accurately track which employees are on site, on the road, or off-shift, allowing them to switch tasks on the fly to meet changing customer needs.

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