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Industry Solutions

Transportation and Logistics

Track Goods Every Step of the Way with Mobile Visibility

Keeping track of goods through the entire distribution process is essential to control costs, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.

Intermec systems enable companies to accurately track every item throughout their supply chain and improve efficiency, saving immeasurable hours in cross docking, yard management and pick-up and delivery operations. Intermec’s mobile computers, RFID systems, bar-code scanners and imagers, and Vocollect Voice solutions deliver real-time information exactly where it's needed so companies have complete and timely visibility of their goods at all times.

Intermec and its network of experienced partners provide dynamic, proven solutions for virtually any transportation and logistics automation requirement.

  • Pickup and Delivery
    Pickup and Delivery »
    Intermec real-time wireless solutions help companies handle more shipments, improve load and route planning, eliminate shipment issues and streamline the dispatcher/driver relationship.
  • Fleet Management
    Fleet Management »
    Intermec mobile technologies enable customers to speed up their operations, reduce errors and even schedule route drivers for extra pickups without negatively impacting delivery schedules.
  • Cross Dock and Logistics
    Cross Dock and Logistics »
    Intermec wireless cross docking solutions integrate dock workers with freight management systems, significantly reducing shipment handling errors while delivering the information customers need.
  • Distribution Center
    Distribution Center »
    Intermec's rugged data-collection solutions using hands-free, eyes-free Vocollect Voice technology are designed to interface easily and seamlessly with your WMS / ERP system, thus providing you comprehensive real-time visibility into your inventory and warehouse operations.
  • Yard Management
    Yard Management »
    Intermec solutions allow companies to maximize asset utilization for operational planning while minimizing time-consuming yard checks, equipment searches and lost equipment.
  • Postal Courier Express and Parcel
    Postal Courier Express and Parcel »
    Intermec solutions help postal and express-parcel organizations to improve the productivity, quality and responsiveness of their core end-to-end (E2E) operations.
  • Airline Operations
    Airline Operations »
    Intermec solutions allow companies to better manage baggage, provide line busting at check in and track and trace cargo to improve operations and increase customer satisfaction.

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